Patched Odin 3.13.1

For those looking for a modded or patched odin 3.13.1 version that is a newer build than all the renamed prince comsy 3.12.3 versions floating around. 

I patched the v3.13.1 Odin to offer similar functionality to the princecomsy patch; in that it ignores both the sha256 fails and the model mismatches. 
– Developed and successfully tested for my verizon samsung s8 g950u to g950u1 and combination firmwares packages.
– Confirmed working on an unlocked S9+ g965U1 to VZW g965u.
– additional confirmation: G950w from G950u

Attached is the latest patched odin3 v3.13.1 windows version and the original odin v3.13.1 windows and mac version.

Official v3.13.1 Changelog
-Support for compressed binary files (LZ4)
-Support for Android O (Oreo)
-Implement 80 ports Mass D / L
-DVIF for Mac bundle

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